Honda Civic OBD1 ECU with 3 pin DLC to OBD2 16 pin (ARDUINO)


Honda Civic OBD1 ECU with 3 pin DLC
轉換成 OBD2 16 pin 的 標準診斷接頭


This software and hardware system adapts your 92-95 Honda diagnostic port to an OBD II standard port, readable by any generic scan tool.

In 1996 the federal government along with the state of California mandated that all cars be equipped with comprehensive emissions reduction equipment and a standardized emissions diagnostic system. Before this year, each independent vehicle manufacturer had its own proprietary, undocumented diagnostic interface.

These interfaces provide essential information for troubleshooting a computer-controlled electronic fuel injected engine. Thus, the impetus for bringing even an older car like the 5th generation (92-95) Honda in compliance.

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    這個版本您有試過嗎? 小弟水平不到做不出來><


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